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The candidate market has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Smarter and faster executive search is becoming ever more valuable. Increased competition, technology, globalization and the retirement rate of Baby Boomers are all fueling the talent war in which we find ourselves. As the unemployment rate hit a rare low, the job market became even more competitive. There are far more open positions than there are qualified candidates. It's a candidate's market and employers are trying to adjust to the new way of acquiring top talent.

We have consulted with our clients across the globe to understand their pain points as they adjust to this shift. What do they believe is currently missing (or broken) in their talent acquisition strategy? Why might they be struggling to fill their open positions? Their answers are part of why we have decided to launch Ropella's SMART RPO.

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What is Ropella's SMART RPO?

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) turns the Executive Search process into a long-term business relationship, as you delegate some or all of your talent acquisition strategy to Ropella - from crafting engaging job descriptions, to managing the candidate experience, to planning onboarding celebrations.

Whether you need to scale talent acquisition with market fluctuations or high growth rates, boost your overall talent acquisition strategy, or relieve pressure on an overworked human resources staff, Ropella's SMART RPO solution leverages our almost 35 years of recruiting experience to elevate your recruitment strategy. Ropella has the right tools, technology, brand reputation, global reach, professional staff and proven systems to help you elevate your talent acquisition function to hire the best - and often hard to find - candidates. Additionally, by engaging Ropella's SMART RPO, you free up your HR team and hiring managers from the minutiae of the search process so they can focus on other important strategic initiatives.

Ropella's SMART RPO includes the foundational elements of Executive Search and adds consulting and training for your management team. We provide a variety of training and consulting services to both hiring managers and HR leaders.

  • We train executives on how to better court candidates.
  • We share best practices with HR teams on how to effectively partner with their hiring managers.
  • We share our best relationship-building strategies and demonstrate why building relationships with candidates is the key to successful recruiting.
  • We partner with HR leaders for a deep dive into the compensation conversation. We help HR leaders sidestep complex compensation challenges by sharing what competitive offers really look like in today's market.



Key Components of Ropella's SMART RPO

Employer brand Onboarding are two key components that set Ropella's SMART RPO apart from our Executive Search processes. These two endeavors have a significant impact on the success or failure of your hiring efforts: while employer brand is the single most important factor in attracting and hiring the best professionals in your industry, a great onboarding experience is the single most important factor in retaining that top talent.

Employer Brand

With the backing of a strong employer brand, candidates will line up for the opportunity to work at your organization.

Ropella provides a world class employer brand platform behind our RPO agreements. We have an internal team of marketing experts who have learned from the best employer brand firms in the world. We apply those best practices to help organizations holistically improve their employer brand.

Ropella will ensure your employer brand story speaks for you. We develop a rapport with potential candidates and show them why your organization is a more desirable workplace than your competitors. We modify your job descriptions to make them more appealing to the right candidates and create an individualized Opportunity Marketing Piece for each search. We invest time in nurturing the relationships with your candidates.


Most employers put new employees through a probationary period during which their progress is closely monitored. What they too often forget is that the employer is simultaneously going through a probationary period of its own as the new employee assesses how well the position fits with their short-term needs and long-term goals. The proof is in the numbers; according to a survey by Jobvite, approximately 30% of new hires will quit in their first 90 days.

The most effective way to reduce new hire turnover is through a well-developed onboarding process that assimilates the employee into the company culture and supplies them with the tools to succeed in their position.

Ropella's SMART Onboarding builds on the new hire's excitement and lets them know from the very beginning that they are a valued team member. Our onboarding program includes a special Welcome Kit for new employees, best practices for Day 1 and specific training that will need to be conveyed through the onboarding process.

What is Ropella's SMART RPO?

An organization's talent acquisition struggles are rarely unique to a single role; more often, they are the result of a deficit in the larger strategy. Unfortunately, with a one-off Executive Search engagement, the best we can do is put a Band-Aid on the problem. We can offer our help in filling the single problem position, but that transactional approach bars us from making a significant impact on the underlying strategy. This is where Ropella's SMART RPO outshines other Executive Search firms. We offer solutions to improve an organization's entire talent acquisition strategy.

What's the ROI of RPO?

Every day a position sits open, it costs your organization time, money and other resources. We help chemical and technology organizations calculate and analyze the true cost of vacant positions, bad hires and rejected offers. We help you uncover the often-overlooked internal challenges they cause - and then we help you significantly reduce these losses by reorganizing and upgrading your recruitment strategies.

Leveraging an RPO solution allows you to establish a vision for the way in which talent acquisition supports the overall corporate strategy - evolving recruiting from a tactical function to a strategic one and maximizing associated Return on Investment. In an economy where open positions greatly outnumber active candidates, strategic recruiting allows you to build your talent pool into your organization's strongest competitive advantage.

With Ropella's SMART RPO solution, our consulting, process management and training is provided to our clients to better manage the 3 Rs of Recruiting. It's all about relationships! We know that nine out of ten deals falls apart at the last minute, because of miscommunication, delays or lack of attention to the details. Often, hiring managers and HR teams simply don't have the time or resources to properly court their candidates during the recruitment process. In today's candidate market, employers can't afford to miss this vital step. This is where Ropella shines! 80% of our SMART RPO model focuses on relationships and communication. The other 20% focuses on dedicated training and consulting services to both hiring managers and HR leaders.

Relationship building is often overlooked and undervalued in talent acquisition. We focus on creating these connections through the entire hiring process.

  • RELATIONSHIPS developed before interviews ever take place. (SMART Employer Branding)
  • RELATIONSHIPS enhanced during the interview and offer process. (SMART Search System)
  • RELATIONSHIPS solidified after the acceptance, during the 90-day onboarding period. (SMART Onboarding)

The Benefits of RPO Include:

  • Greater Efficiency & Effectiveness

Ropella provides higher quality candidates in much less time. We bring the first slate of highly qualified candidates to the table in about 10 days - most of whom are passive candidates who would never have otherwise heard of your opportunity. Our placements have an average 98% long-term stick rate and a 36% promotion rate within one year of hire.

  • Strengthened Employer Brand

The employer brand is best described as the combination of the physical feelings, intellectual impressions, and emotional experiences of the employees who work in an organization along with the anticipated experience, impressions and feelings of potential new hires. It is an extension of your internal culture and the way that culture is perceived by the outside world. As your RPO partner, Ropella will work closely with your organization to help you build and promote your employer brand.

  • Higher Satisfaction from Candidates and the Hiring Team

The biggest complaint candidates have about the talent acquisition process is a lack of communication. We understand - when faced with 200 applications for a single opening, it's difficult to find the time to reach out to each person who is not selected, while fielding calls about each candidate's status and questions about the next steps. It's important to remember, though, each candidate could end up being the perfect candidate for another opening in the future or they could be a future customer. Ropella can manage your candidate experience from start to finish, so all candidates walk away satisfied with the process - and with a favorable view of your organization.

  • Improved Employee Engagement & Retention

Too often, talent acquisition strategies are focused solely on finding the right candidate for the position. That's important, of course, but not to the exclusion of what comes next. Everything about your hiring process - from job descriptions to offer letters - will color the candidate's opinion of you as an employer and set the tone for their eventual employment. Candidates with a smooth application experience begin their first days as more engaged, enthusiastic and satisfied employees.

  • Recovered Time

If you're like most companies, your Human Resources team often has to balance many competing priorities: from policy regulations to overseeing compensation and benefits to mediating concerns and disputes. It's hard to delineate and prioritize the types of talent acquisition strategies that will consistently attract top talent. If your recruiters are trying to juggle diverse positions from sales and marketing to R&D and manufacturing, this, too, causes confusion, slows down processes and diminishes results.

More about time:

Truly, the biggest cost of talent acquisition is time...

  • Time spent screening applications...
  • Time spent juggling schedules to coordinate interviews...
  • Time spent developing engaging job descriptions and ads...
  • Time spent nurturing constructive relationships with past, present and potential future candidates and allies...

By allowing Ropella to handle tasks like modernizing job descriptions, pre-screening applicants, engaging passive candidates and scheduling interviews, time is a big part of what you are buying for your organization - time for hiring managers and the HR team to focus on what they do best.

Our Results Speak For Themselves. We Encourage You To Compare Them To Any Other Hiring Resources.

To Qualified

An average job opening attracts about 250 resumes – a great majority are not even close matches. We deliver extremely well qualified executives who meet your search parameters in about 10 days.


First Offer
Acceptance Rate

Based on research & 35 years of experience, we know offers extended by Hiring Managers and/or HR Leaders result in approx. a 40% rejection rate & typically require two weeks to wrap up. Our executive search competitors average closer to 30% and a week. Because of our SMART Compensation, Benefits & Relocation Assessment System and our proprietary Comp. Comparison Calculator we get 90% of our offers acceptance in the first round and within 3 days.


to Placement

We understand the real cost of a vacant position and know how critical it is to find the right hire, right away. We know from our clients the average time it takes our competitors and HR recruiting teams is well over 90 days to a completed search.


Completion Rate

We can find highly specialized, passive candidates that you and other recruiters can’t find on your own. And we work very fast – resulting in extremely high completion rates. 76% of hiring decision makers report a concern or challenge in attracting and hiring passive candidates and find well over 30% of their openings remain open for 6 months or more.


Long Term
Stick Rate

Replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 16% to 213% of the individual’s salary. Our process ensures the company and executive are both carefully assessed for fit and expectations clearly aligned for both parties - resulting in long-term matches.


One Year
Promotion Rate

Our Smart Search System helps us find the executives who meet all your search parameters, but more importantly take the company to their desired goals, ensuring a long-term fit with hires that grow & promote with your company.


Annual Rate Of
Repeat Business

Precise and predictable hiring results mean our clients return to us again and again with their executive hiring challenges. A win for everyone involved.

The Ropella Group has negotiated over $23 million dollars in Total Compensation Plans for our clients and executive candidates in the last 3 years.