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As the world's leading Executive Search Firm specializing in the chemical, consumer products and technology industries, we understand the challenges you face in trying to find the perfect fit for those highly specialized and complex executive positions.

Ropella excels at finding those select few executive candidates with the right skills, qualifications, background and management style, who fit your compensation parameters and are ready to relocate. Our core values, proprietary search process and commitment to exceptional service solidify Ropella as a premier partner for recruiting and filling these positions.

Ropella provides a full range of Executive Talent Management Solutions to the world’s most respected companies. Our results are unparalleled in the search industry. We encourage you to compare them to any other hiring resources. Ropella delivers a proven 95% search success rate, with qualified executives delivered in about 10 days. Seriously.

Are you looking to remove the delays and frustrations from finding hard to reach executives? We have a proven process that works and we’re ready to partner with you. Connect with us today!

Interested in Executive Talent Management Solutions?

We can help you assess and upgrade your executive team with A players.

Need a Succession Plan for Your Impending Retirements?

Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 every day for the next decade. We’re here to help!

Looking to Improve Your Recruitment Process?

We’ll show you the ROI impact our clients achieve with Ropella’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services.
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